A Visit From the Animal Man

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from the animal man Chris.

He brought Alan – a grumpy, bushy eye-browed owl; Miss Fluffy – a Chilean Rose Tarantula; Bandit the Californian snake; Spud & Bruce a pair of Lizards and a stinky skunk called Bert!

The children spoke about how to look after animals and we related these rules to our Rights – the need for shelter, food and water. Chris reminded us we needed to do good listening, be gentle and to wash our hands after handling the animals.

The children were so brave! They all had a go at handling at least one of the animals animals gently. They were most wary of the skunk in case it sprayed them!

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    Jai: I liked the snake
    Camilla: I liked the owl because he was a baby and he was so cute
    Perrie: I liked the skunk because it was fluffy
    Ismael: I liked the tarantula because it was a big big spider and it looked like my spiderman
    Chloe: I liked the stink (skunk)!
    Nea: I liked Miss Fluffy cos she kept tickling me and I wanted to take her home
    Freddie: I lovied a snake cos he was so cuddly
    Rushi: I liked the owl because it makes noises and it is so fluffy
    Cassia: I liked the tarantula because it was fluffy!

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