School Trip to Sandwell Valley

Today we took the children on their school trip to Sandwell Valley. What a lovely day it was!
We had to get on a coach which was very exciting.
In the morning we were pond dipping – we had to kneel by the side of the pond to keep us safe and then use our net in a figure of eight motion to catch the water bugs. We found so many things! – leeches, water snails, waterboatmen, water beetles, shrimps, spiders, tadpoles. Some of the things were quite big!
After we had had our packed lunches we went off to the Meadow to hunt Minibeasts. We saw a little brown frog, lots of bees, and we used a net to catch butterflies and beautiful blue damsonflies. The children hunted under rocks and logs and had a fabulous time.
Miss Tillsley is so proud of Crocodiles Class – our behaviour made her very proud.

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