Please review our admissions policy and detail here.

Each year 90 children are admitted into our Reception Year Group – 30 per class.

If your child is due to start school you must apply online via Birmingham City Council. For Admissions and general enquiries please contact Mrs Bemand or Mrs O’Kane.

For Reception intake there is an Open Morning during the Autumn Term for all those parents and their children who are thinking of applying for a place at our school for the following September.

Over-Subscription Criteria

Children are admitted to schools in accordance with parental preference as far as possible. Should there be more applications than places then places for the Reception Class will be allocated on the following priority order:

  1. Looked after children (in public care).
  2. Siblings with an older brother/sister already in school who will still be in attendance at the time the sibling enters school.
  3. Siblings (brothers and sisters) are considered to be those children who live at the same address and either:
  4. i. have one or both parents in common; or
  5. ii. are related by a parent’s marriage; or
  6. iii. are adopted or fostered by a common parent.
  7. Children who live nearest the school.

Where parents are not happy with the school allocated they may appeal. Arrangements exist for appeals to be heard by a panel, which is independent of the LA and City Council.