All schools have a responsibility to safeguard children in their care. This is done in numerous ways but primarily, staff will report concerns to Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL’s) who are trained staff within the school. It is then the DSL’s responsibility to deal with the information shared with them. Sometimes this can be a conversation with parents, at other times, it might mean signposting to other agencies for support. School will always work alongside parents during this time with the child at the centre of actions. Our aim is to keep children physically and emotionally safe, supporting our families whilst we do.

If you are concerned about a child, you can speak with a DSL within school.

The DSL’s are as follows:

Miss. Frances- Lead DSL

Mrs. Colley, Ms. Furnivall and Ms. Devi – Deputy DSL’s.

We will work with you to ensure that the child is safe and well following the information being shared.

As a school we ourselves are connected to a wealth of support to safeguard children, this includes Operation Encompass in where we are notified of any domestic disturbances that have taken place in a home where the police have attended. We also have strong relationships with Social Workers, Early Help Workers and Family Support Workers placed with families that are working with families.

Any support from other agencies is usually voluntary, with services striving to create happy homes for families and with providing parents strategies alongside emotional and practical support. This is to ensure parents can parent positively and in turn, hinder any future safeguarding issues.

If you ever feel you need support, please reach out to Miss. Frances who can discuss these matters with you.  She can help signpost you to the appropriate support which can include matters such as domestic abuse, mental health, housing, bereavement. Some topics are sensitive and will be treated as such. Miss. Frances can be contacted by either emailing or calling 0121 360 4222.

If you would prefer to self-refer for any support or report a concern you have about a child directly, this can be done in the links below:

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