"Know your rights. Talk to your friends. Let your voice be heard!"

School Ambassadors listen to their friends and talk to the grown-ups in school about matters that are important to them. They meet with the grown-ups (duty bearers) who are parts of the Rights Respecting Steering Group. We talk about the worries and concerns that they may have. Each class has two representatives who have been chosen by their friends. Any child is welcome to contribute through the little voices box, and class ambassadors are supported by their class teacher to share concerns from their class in their class book. Topics covered include:

– School Dinners
– Playground Activities
– Reading
– Sports Clubs
– Climate Change

The children will always be involved in the decisions that affect them in school (Article 12).

Meet Our Class Ambassadors From Key Stage 1!

Year 1

Year 2

Our Little Voices Box