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I hope everyone has had a fantastic time in the new term so far! The seals have already been learning lots: They have discovered the founders of flight and re-created this historic event, they have staretd to identify the properties of materials and express stories through dance! It has been a very busy term but the seals have done fantastically so far.

They are learning about multiplication and division in maths and doing excellently! They have covered how to share or group the numbers as well as practicing times tables. In English they have started to look at Orion and the Dark after just finishing a unit on Poetry – a busy term for sure but the seals have adapted excellently!

I hope everyone continues to enjoy this term. We are encouraging all parents to continue reading with their child at home 3 times a week. Please let me know if you have a missing book or need support with anything regarding this, we are on hand to help you and support your child’s reading development.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the slowly warming weather!

Mr A Steadman

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